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On behalf of its clients and as a service to the grantmaking community, The Philanthropic Group has published several useful resources. Striving to maximize the impact of all our work, these materials are made available to other funders for adaptation and application to their own grantmaking.

Helpful Resources
  • South Bronx Learning Tour (hosted by Community Food Funders and Philanthropy New York), highlighting ways South Bronx people and organizations use food to bring residents together and catalyze change.
  • Building Great Communities: Consider an Age-Friendly Community Assessment, points out steps for funders to take before conducting a community assessment, the importance of collecting data that leads to action, a range of potential stakeholders to be engaged, and five assessment tools reviewed by funders in aging. In addition to providing information to guide future grantmaking, an asssesment of the age-friendliness of a community can be a tool to engage stakeholders in efforts to make communities better places to grow older as well as to grow up.
  • Intergenerational Strategies for Community Change, a seminar presented at the annual conference of Grantmakers in Aging in October 2012.
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  • An article on the website of Grantmakers in Aging that spotlights the work of a family foundation that has mobilized hundreds of older adults to help address community challenges and opportunities

  • The Obesity Epidemic: Youth Add Tons of Fresh Food to Low-Income Neighborhoods. An educational and networking program for grantmakers interested in children and youth, education, environment, health, grassroots organizing, neighborhoods, urban agriculture, and food justice. Sponsored by Community Food Funders on July 23, 2012 at the James Beard Foundation.
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  • Grants in Aging: How To Get Started. An article about what steps you can take to learn more about older adults and begin making grants in the field of aging. Published in June 2012 on the website of Grantmakers in Aging.
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  • Working With Consultants: What You Should Know for a Productive Relationship.  Prepared for a February 17, 2011 workshop presented at Philanthropy New York in collaboration with the National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers.
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  • Aging in Place...With a Little Help From Our Friends.
    This overview describes what communities require to help their residents grow older at home and avoid moving to an institution.  Also, it points out some important national and local models for "aging in place" programs that funders might wish to consider.  This paper was written for Grantmakers in Aging and presented at the annual conference of Council on Foundations in May, 2009, and updated for the October 2010 annual conference of Grantmakers in Aging.

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  • Investing Now for Small and Mid-Sized Foundations.
    Notes from a February 4, 2009 program sponsored by Philanthropy New York (formerly called the New York Regional Association of Grantmakers).

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  • Evaluating Impact: Conversations Between Foundations and Grantees. This interview with Paula Hewitt Amram of Open Road and Barbara Greenberg of the Levitt Foundation describes the evaluation process used to measure the success of Open Road's youth development programs. From the New York Regional Association of Grantmakers April 2008 publication on environmental grantmaking, entitled "NYRAG Memo"
  • How to Create Your Own Grantmaking Focus. This outline describes a process used by many funders to reach consensus on a new grantmaking focus. Presented on June 28, 2007 for The Funders Network of the Mid-Hudson Valley, and on December 7 2006 for the Family Foundation Trustees Peer Network of the New York Regional Association of Grantmakers.
  • Funding Across the Lifespan, by Barbara R. Greenberg and Jan Schwarz. This briefing for locally-focused funders describes new approaches for incorporating older adults into grantmaking strategies for children and families, education, health, arts and culture, neighborhoods, and environment.
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  • Turning Silver to Gold in Our Communities, by Jan Schwarz. This briefing describes the roles grantmakers can play in helping our communities capitalize on the opportunities and challenges of an older society. (PDF)
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  • Linking Generations for a Stronger Community, by Sheri Steinig. This briefing describes cross-generation funding approaches that benefit both young and old, as well as their communities. (PDF)
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  • Home for Life, by Janice Blanchard and Jan Schwarz. This briefing describes opportunities for funders to help older adults live well and age successfully at home and in the community. (PDF)
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  • For family foundations thinking about hiring new staff, some questions to ask yourself and potential staffing models to consider. Presented at the March 3, 2006 meeting of the Family Foundation Trustee Peer Network of the New York Regional Association of Grantmakers.
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  • Communities for All Ages: Planning Across Generations This publication introduces readers to the power of planning together for community strengthening throughout the lifespan. Both a theoretical framework and relevant examples are offered. (PDF) View as a PDF Adobe pdf image
  • Partnering A Family Foundation and Community Foundation: An Intergenerational Funding Success, by Barbara R. Greenberg

  • Developing Your Strategies for Grantmaking in Aging, by Barbara R. Greenberg



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