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The Philanthropic Group's services are comprehensive and flexible to meet the unique interests of each client whether related to children and youth, older people, intergenerational approaches, food, healthcare, social services, higher education, community building, the arts, or other areas.

Consulting Services for Clients

The Philanthropic Group offers a full range of services for private grantmakers. Our core services are listed below. However, we invite you to call to discuss other more customized services.


"The Philanthropic Group has made it possible for us to define and truly perform the mission of the Foundation. In our view they are the best."
May Newburger
Levitt Foundation

Grantmaking Strategies
Our expertise is offered in any combination you desire. The Philanthropic Group is available to

  • Assess and summarize board members' varied grantmaking interests
  • Explore and research optimal grantmaking opportunities relevant to the funder's interests and style
  • Present the foundation with two or three options for consideration
  • Guide the decision-making process to reach a comfortable consensus
  • Develop guidelines for grantmaking
  • Seek out potential grant recipients who are leaders in the new interest areas


Grantmaking Management
Our services are available in any combination that will best meet your needs. The Philanthropic Group can

  • Provide the foundation an office address, telephone and letterhead, and serve as the primary staff
  • Plan the agenda for each board meetings
  • Guide the decision-making process
  • Develop an annual plan for grantmaking based on the funds available
  • Identify nonprofit organizations that fit with the grantmaker's interests
  • Make site visits to evaluate potential or current grant recipients
  • Invite proposals, review and shape them
  • Prepare executive summaries and other background materials for board meetings
  • Award and track grants approved
  • Write minutes of meetings and maintain grant files and records
  • Prepare reports to the board on grants awarded to-date
  • Appraise and refine grantmaking strategies and focus areas
  • Develop website content
  • Network and stay current in the areas of interest to the grantmaker
  • Serve as the contact person representing the grantmaker in the community
  • Coordinate with the funder's other consultants, including accountants and attorneys


Special Projects & Initiatives
Our expertise can help you

  • Evaluate the impact of a grantmaking program
  • Identify and work with leading experts to guide development of new strategies
  • Document the work of the grantmaker including the strategies, processes, and results of a grantmaking program
  • Create and disseminate materials, such as a toolkit, reports, news releases, or newsletter articles
  • Review and strengthen governance and administrative policies


Our expertise can help you

  • Design and facilitate retreats and consensus-building meetings for board or staff
  • Plan and conduct educational meetings for boards, grantees, or grantmaker affinity groups
  • Moderate panels of presenters


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