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Beginning with our first client in 1993, The Philanthropic Group has become a valuable resource for donor advised funds, foundations, and corporate giving programs. Working with clients to ensure proactive versus reactive approaches, our services include Grantmaking Strategies, Grantmaking Management, Special Projects & Initiatives, and Meeting Planning & Facilitation.

From start-ups and smaller funders to those with billions of dollars in assets, The Philanthropic Group is known for...

  • Listening carefully and thoughtfully to clients
  • Tailoring grantmaking to each client
  • Developing efficient philanthropic strategies that maximize the impact of every dollar
  • Discerning what is most relevant
  • Achieving high-quality, measurable results

By choice, The Philanthropic Group has remained a closely held consulting firm, ensuring that each client receives personalized attention and professional expertise. As founder and president, Barbara R. Greenberg contributes to the success of each project from beginning to end.

Together with Jan Schwarz, philanthropic consultant, the firm offers a combined total of more than 50 years' experience in all aspects of grantmaking. Our partnerships with extraordinary talent in nonprofits and academic institutions offer clients access to additional proficiencies as needed on a per project basis.



"Our foundation could not do its work as effectively or as meaningfully without the dedicated efforts of The Philanthropic Group."
Kate Downes,
Helen Andrus Benedict Foundation

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